For some of us, a beach holiday just doesn’t cut the mustard – we want thrills, spills and adventure from our getaway. Luckily for us, vacations are no longer restricted to a week in flip flops drinking dodgy Sangria; the world really is your oyster. Take a look at our pick of some of the weirdest, and most wonderful, spots to visit (but we won’t judge you if you really do just want a week in flip flops with dodgy Sangria).

Tree Sparrow House, Cornwall, England


Image credit: Airbnb

When you were a kid, you probably dreamed of one day living in a tree house for real. Well, Jonathan, the owner of this marvellous establishment, has made that happen. And there’s no roughing it in this place.

With spectacular views of the Falmouth Bay and the fields and orchards of Tregaminion, the Tree Sparrow House features a seating area complete with kitchen, a mezzanine double bed, double glazing and heating, a toilet and a wash basin. Go on, you know the kid in you is desperate to go…

Neemrana Fort-Palace, near Dehli, India


Image credit: Neemrana Hotels

How often can you say that you’ve been able to stay in a fort? This 15th century palace was on the brink of complete ruin when it was acquired by hoteliers in 1991, but since then it has been transformed into an award-winning resort featuring a pool and spa, an amphitheatre, hanging gardens, and a restaurant with a rooftop garden.

However, we think we’d still pretend to be one of the proud Chauhans who once called this place home… Find out more about the resort here.

Sala Silvermine, Västmanland, Sweden

Want to spend the night in the world’s deepest hotel? This hotel was a working mine from the 15th century until 1908, and today it serves as an attraction with guided tours taking place daily and concerts are played in some of the underground areas. However, surely the most memorable way to experience the surroundings is to sleep in it – 155 metres underground. Dare you?


Image credit: Sala Silvermine

Yes, probably, as though there is no mobile phone signal you’ll have contact available with a member of staff above ground through intercom radio throughout the night, and the suite is warmed up for your comfort. After your guided tour of the rest of the cavities, your guide will leave you with cheese, biscuits, wine and chocolate, then return in the morning to serve breakfast before taking you back to ground level.

Find out more about the mine here.

Iglu Dorf, France, Switzerland and Germany

Not only a rather thrilling way to spend the night, the Iglu Dorf concept is a surefire hit with eco-warriors. The igloo villages are constructed each season from snow, making them CO2 neutral and totally sustainable.


Image credit: Iglu Dorf

There are various igloo options available, whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation – there are even heated igloos complete with oven if you don’t like the cold! The night time snow walking is not to be missed, and make sure you jump into the whirlpool, too…

Find out more about Iglu Dorf here.

What would your ideal adventure be?

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