Many people are taking the slow and steady approach to getting away from the day to day grind and heading out on the open road on walking holidays. Who could blame them? Surely there is no better way of experiencing all that a country has to offer than gently walking through it and mingling with the local people. Where though should you go for a remarkable and memorable holiday? In the following article we have picked out a few of our favourites.

Azores, Portugal

The volcanic and ancient Azores islands are any walking holidaymaker’s dream as the two islands, Sao Miguel and Flores feature hundreds and hundreds of miles of marked out paths and trails between them. While you can spend a few days exploring Sao Miguel by staying at a hotel or some other form of accommodation there, the smaller islands such as Flores can be covered in just a day.

Altentejo, Portugal

Staying in Portugal, Rota Vincentina in Altentejo is a walking trail that covers the south west coastline of the country. The great thing about taking this trail is that you have the choice of either a coastal or inland route which will determine the type of scenery you have throughout your journey. Regardless of which you choose though, you will be rewarded with a beautiful backdrop for your walking holiday. The most popular route is the coastal path as this passes through the small towns dotted along the coastline where you can enjoy freshly caught and prepared seafood while you take a breather for refuelling.

Madeira, Portugal

The rise in popularity of walking holidays on Madeira is influenced by something creative as a practicality for maintaining the island rather than aiding people’s walking hobby. The water channels dug in the 16th century were designed to provide the drier parts of the Madeira with water. As a happy accident, the paths created that run parallel with these water channels were originally used by people assigned with maintaining the channels became an easy and enjoyable way for walkers to explore Madeira.

Faroe Islands

Although it is true that as the Faroe Islands are located in the north of the Atlantic Ocean they do not have the warmest climate. However, you would find it hard to find a more naturally beautiful place in the world where you have the opportunity to explore so much of the land on foot. The best thing about the Faroe Islands is the transportation infrastructure that through road tunnels links each island to the next.

Greek Islands

Each and every individual Greek island is in its own way a great walking holiday destination, so it is hard to pick out the best. Amorgos is however perhaps the most special to visit for a walking holiday as it is a very small and narrow island.

Take a Walking Break Closer To Home

Living in the UK puts you in a unique position to enjoy relaxing and fascinating walking holidays without having to travel abroad. The Scottish Highlands, the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District all feature trails and scenery that rivals even the most visually stunning regions of the world.

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