Why did I start this adventure travel blog?

tumblr_mdqunpyTWR1qmn3n7o1_1280Hello, I’m Jeff a former social worker with a passion for travel. At the grand old age of 36 I’d had enough of staying in one place so packed my bags and off I went. With so many places to see I have allowed myself an infinite amount of time to complete my goal of travelling the world solo. One day I might go home and settle down but for now I’m as happy as a I can be and having more fun than I thought I ever would. My journey so far has not always been easy, I’ve had to overcome my share of problems but the people and places I have seen have made my trip unusual to say the least.


During my trip I plan to try as many new things as I can, live a little more ecologically friendly and also take whatever is thrown at me with a pinch of salt. As I am an organised person and like a bit of order in life I do have a firm idea of where exactly I am headed and why. By writing about my travels I aim to allow my readers imaginations to help them see what I am seeing, experience the tastes, sounds and music all around me and join in with the fun. Everywhere I go I see smiling faces, gorgeous scenery and the most colourful food, and it has made me realise that there is much more to life than just working.


Why don’t you come with me on my travels? Via my website of course, together we can share experiences and have a laugh. Laughter has to be one of the best things for the soul, don’t you agree? Grab a coffee and read on to find out where I am right now. Jeff