Planning a holiday can be quite stressful, especially when you have a disability. Checking for wheelchair access, making sure there are lifts, ensuring the accommodation is accessible and that the car parking is close by are the little things that can make all the difference.

But, whether you’re wanting to explore the coastline of Cornwall or the rugged Yorkshire countryside there are so many options for disabled people. With specially adapted holiday homes in locations across the UK, as well as many accessible tourist attractions, don’t feel you have limited choices. Dedicated companies offering accessible-friendly holidays have holiday homes located in popular seaside towns, log cabins in the country or even narrowboats on the Norfolk Broads; there really is something for everyone and the accommodation is of a really high standard.

Once you’ve sourced the best pad it’s time to think about transport. How are you going to get there and whilst there what will be the best way to get around? A great option is to hire a speciality adapted car for wheelchair users. These cars can be hired for a certain length of time or purchased so there are lots of options available depending on what you require. They make such a big difference as they make getting places so much easier and can be tailored especially to your personal needs so take away the worry of needing to plan and pre-book transport.

Depending on your circumstances, some disabled people with mobility issues choose to hire a mobility scooter when on their holidays (if the area is quite flat it means you can feel more independent and get around on your own). There are loads of different companies where you can rent a scooter from for the duration of your holiday if this is something you’d find desirable as an alternative to a wheelchair.

The next a bit of forward planning that’s key are the events you’d like to go to whilst on your holiday. Make sure you do some research and see whether the events you’d like to attend have disabled access – if in doubt it’s best to give them a ring first to check (most UK events are pretty geared up for disabled people) but it pays to check.

Once you’ve booked all the tickets and packed your bags, all that’s left to do is make sure you have a fantastic holiday and really make the most of your trip.