Love Classic Spanish Art? Enter the Competition to Win a Trip to Madrid

There are many reasons why Madrid should be top of your list of places you should visit if planning a trip to Spain or Europe in general. The main reason why so many people flock there every year is because of the sheer variety in terms of activities and sights. There really is something for everyone there and for that reason I would love to win the competition spoken about […]


6 Unique Places to Take Walking Holidays

Many people are taking the slow and steady approach to getting away from the day to day grind and heading out on the open road on walking holidays. Who could blame them? Surely there is no better way of experiencing all that a country has to offer than gently walking through it and mingling with the local people. Where though should you go for a remarkable and memorable holiday? In […]


October half-term travel deals

Before we get into the detail of the article, I really want to thank the team here for letting me post here with them. It means a lot to be able to get something published for my 52 Weeks Tech Blog at great site like this. From active water zorbing in Ayrshire to relaxing five-star luxury in Phuket, the world of October travel is your oyster Great Britain Reference: […]


5 Restaurants and Bars on the Costa del Sol to Visit Regularly As a New Resident

For those of us who enjoy tucking into some local delicacies, we’re always in the mood to learn about some of the best food outlets in the local area when moving to a new destination. However, when you move somewhere permanently, such as the Costa del Sol for example, it’s important that you learn as much as you can about the local restaurants, cafes and bars so that you know […]


Top Quality Service and Facilities at the Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort and Spa

The Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort and Spa is one of the most tranquil and luxurious resorts on the intriguing island of Ibiza. Located on the coastline of Playa d’en Bossa you will never be disappointed with any aspect. When you want to visit Ibiza, but not be drawn into the hustle and bustle this resort is perfect. Ibiza is an island that caters for all ages and tastes, and […]


Ushuaïa Beach Hotel Ibiza - Amazing Experience from Start to Finish

The Ushuaïa Beach Hotel Ibiza is situated in a stunning location, offering a distinct experience from the moment you walk through the doors. Every element of this hotel has been carefully considered, and it is a one of a kind where the entertainment and facilities are concerned. The Best of Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel 2013 from Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel on Vimeo. There is no other hotel in Ibiza where […]


Top Free Attractions in London

If you’re visiting the English capital one thing you can be certain of is having a full and exciting itinerary, there are numerous discount London tours available but what if you’re really stretched for money? This is a city that has a huge amount to offer in terms of sights and attractions as well as culture and history. No matter what time of the year you visit London, you will […]


Action Camera Round Up

With the ever-improving technology in the world of cameras, there is now some new competition to what has become the industry standard: the GoPro. And as this technology continues to advance and a wide variety of features are offered, it can be difficult to know which camera you should choose for your extreme sports holiday. So here is a breakdown of today’s top competitors so that you can decide which […]


An Adventure on the seas in 2014

Cruises have steadily grown in popularity with more people than ever before choosing this style of holiday. The time that you spend away from home is precious, which is why you need to choose your holiday wisely. As more information regarding cruises becomes available, you will soon realise why cruising is a popular choice. There is a huge array of benefits when you decide to cruise, including the excellent facilities, […]


4 Unusual Hotels & Retreats For Adventure Seekers

For some of us, a beach holiday just doesn’t cut the mustard – we want thrills, spills and adventure from our getaway. Luckily for us, vacations are no longer restricted to a week in flip flops drinking dodgy Sangria; the world really is your oyster. Take a look at our pick of some of the weirdest, and most wonderful, spots to visit (but we won’t judge you if you really […]