As the weather turns and the summer fades, so do our good moods. So what’s one to do if you still haven’t quite got your fill of blissful heat? Then it’s time to pack up and get that holiday underway. We’ve shortlisted the best package holiday destinations along the Mediterranean coast, be they holidays in Greece or short breaks in Spain. Read on for some inspiration.


Travel to the birthplace of modern civilisation and visit the top spots to enjoy both the history and the beauty of the Mediterranean all in one. Greece provides holidaymakers with the best of both worlds; it’s a cultural feast where some of the greatest ideas were formed, but also a great place to enjoy sun, sea and stunning cuisine.

Cheaper than other countries in Europe, boasting beautiful vistas, stunning architecture and fresh, vibrant food, it’s no wonder Greece is such a popular holiday destination. With a package tour, you can just book your flights and hotels in one go, and then just sit back and enjoy the experience.


Fancy something a little more off the beaten path? Then try experiencing Turkey’s stunning Mediterranean Coast. Antalya, the main city along the coast, boasts the country’s best resorts, and is steeped in sunshine for most of the year.

With great bars, restaurants and shopping, it provides a luxury experience while still displaying bags of character, owing to its rich history as part of the Byzantine Empire. It’s a holiday that offers the best of both worlds.


Currently billed as ‘The Mediterranean as It Once Was’, there’s a reason Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular destination for keen travellers. With a wide array of cities and towns to choose from, each offering you a different experience, the sheer diversity of this country is astounding.

Check out the south-western coastal city of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with marble streets, stunning architecture, museums and a fascinating history. Or why not explore the islands off the coast, such as Hvar, with its cosmopolitan lifestyle and stunning views. If you fancy something a little less populated, the Kvarner Gulf gives you the option of enjoying the Mediterranean climate in sleepy little towns where you can forget the rest of the world.


For landscape alone, it is tough to beat Montenegro: lakes, oceans, mountains, beaches or forests, Montenegro seems to have it all. Rich in history and culture, Montenegro has a blend of various cultures, ethnicities and histories that provides a truly stunning melting pot of sights and sounds for the curious traveller.

This post was written by Jeremy Koops