I hadn’t been camping since I was about 14 so I never thought at 27 years old, I’d be packing up my sleeping bag and getting all excited as I stuffed all my amateur camping gear into the boot of my car. Just a few weeks earlier, my friend had mentioned that he wanted to try camping in a tipi and before we knew it, there were 14 of us all convoying through the lakes searching for our campsite.

After a couple of hours in the car, guessing what this place would be like and getting lost a few times trying to call the Sat-Nav’s bluff, we finally turned up to the campsite ready to unload our stuff and enjoy this hot and sunny day, doing what outdoor people do. We walked on to the field where the giant wigwams stood proudly and looking at them we thought “how are we going to fit 6 people in each one of these”?

However, we poked our heads inside and we couldn’t believe our eyes. There was plenty of room for 6 adults to share and so we found that everyone was more than happy with our weekend accommodation. As we unpacked, we couldn’t help laughing at each other’s amateur camping equipment. I’m sure one of my friend’s sleeping bags was as old as he was and it looked like a faded Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles design. We chose who slept where and this took me back to when I was younger, as nothing changes, there’s always one person claiming a particular space or someone who doesn’t want to be closest to the door but, we eventually had 6 happy faces.

It soon got to 5pm and everyone started to get hungry. There’s a fire outside each tipi with kindling and firewood, so you can cook food and keep warm whilst chatting till late on in the night around the crackling fire. Do remember there are other families and campers around so it’s best to keep the noise down and respect others around you. If you don’t want to cook your own food then there are restaurants and pubs nearby. There are toilet facilities, washing facilities and everything you need to get by but, unfortunately for those who like their creature comforts like me, I really missed my computer and just throwing dishes in my dishwasher.

There’s plenty to do here and around the Lake District with cafes, bars and restaurants for drinks and food. If you’re looking for interactive fun there’s Lake District Museums as well as Low Wray Castle in Ambleside. You can even go canoeing or learn to sail at the Coniston Boating Centre. Ever fancied rolling down a hill in a big inflatable ball? You can go Zorbing, mountain boarding, mountain biking and BMX riding at the nearby Surf the Turf centre!

Camping at the 4 Winds Lakeland Tipis was great fun and even though we were a large group we still managed to all enjoy ourselves. I didn’t try the Zorbing activity and really regretted it so when I go back next time I’ll definitely be giving it a go.