Top Bank Holiday Destinations

Bank holidays are the perfect opportunity to get away and recharge the batteries. From relaxing beach trips in Spain to fast paced city breaks, when you live in the U.K there are plenty of options to choose from which are close enough in distance to visit for a few days. Take a read of our list below for some bank holiday inspiration. Skye, Scotland The picturesque Isle of Skye is […]


Visit Unspoilt Maui for the Perfect Vacation

  There are many wonderful places to take a vacation, and it can be a difficult choice to decide where you wish to go. For families, you want to make sure there is plenty to do, and if you are looking for a romantic break for a couple, you want privacy and seclusion. Of course, it would be lovely to take a break in an exotic location – somewhere far […]


The 15 Best Places to Visit in an RV This Summer

  The summer is 10-11 weeks of having no form of school assignments or activity to consider and it can quickly become a maddening time of boredom. A quick way to engage the children while keeping the rest of the family excited about the upcoming summer period is to take an around two countries trip. Traveling, experiencing different cultures and learning about a foreign nation are all essential tools in […]


5 Costs New Expats Commonly Fail to Consider

  Moving abroad can come with many expenses, but there are also ongoing costs to consider. Many soon-to-be-expats fail to take all of them into account when they budget, which can become troublesome when you arrive and have to make ends meet. Here are 5 expat costs you don’t want to forget about. Health Insurance When you become an expat, particularly in a country less developed than the United Kingdom, […]


See in 2016 in style in Houston

Visiting Houston at any time of the year is exciting; there’s great beaches, fantastic art and culture along with attractions such as Houston Zoo and the botanical gardens. Visiting over Christmas and New Year however is extra special and welcoming in 2016 is set to be a memorable occasion. Getting to Houston Houston is incredibly accessible; flights are available from 180 cities around the world, there are thousands of taxis […]


October half-term travel deals

Before we get into the detail of the article, I really want to thank the team here for letting me post here with them. It means a lot to be able to get something published for my 52 Weeks Tech Blog at great site like this. From active water zorbing in Ayrshire to relaxing five-star luxury in Phuket, the world of October travel is your oyster Great Britain Reference: […]


Action Camera Round Up

With the ever-improving technology in the world of cameras, there is now some new competition to what has become the industry standard: the GoPro. And as this technology continues to advance and a wide variety of features are offered, it can be difficult to know which camera you should choose for your extreme sports holiday. So here is a breakdown of today’s top competitors so that you can decide which […]


An Adventure on the seas in 2014

Cruises have steadily grown in popularity with more people than ever before choosing this style of holiday. The time that you spend away from home is precious, which is why you need to choose your holiday wisely. As more information regarding cruises becomes available, you will soon realise why cruising is a popular choice. There is a huge array of benefits when you decide to cruise, including the excellent facilities, […]


Best Mediterranean Package Holiday Destinations

As the weather turns and the summer fades, so do our good moods. So what’s one to do if you still haven’t quite got your fill of blissful heat? Then it’s time to pack up and get that holiday underway. We’ve shortlisted the best package holiday destinations along the Mediterranean coast, be they holidays in Greece or short breaks in Spain. Read on for some inspiration. Greece Travel to the […]


Compact cameras for your travels

I’ve always been the type of person that loves to take pictures, especially when going on trips. I was recently gearing up for a trip to a new state and thought that purchasing a DSLR would be the best choice. While these cameras can take some amazing pictures, they are HUGE! I couldn’t imagine taking all the pieces with me, not to mention getting them through airport security. So, I […]