Public Bike Transport by City

More and more travellers have discovered the fun of urban cycling during their holidays. That’s probably why there are so many bike sightseeing tours offered nowadays. However, the government sponsored bike schemes grant access to their bikes to everyone, both locals and tourists. By renting a bike the visitor can explore and experience the city life like a local. Instead of following a tour guide, visitors can decide themselves which […]


Which country takes care of their elderly citizens the best?

As well as a popular holiday destination, Sweden also has a strong reputation when it comes to taking care of the elderly, so it may not come as little surprise that many of the senior citizens boast good health and lead extremely active lifestyles.   Staying active Swedish people believe in living life to the full and a large proportion of individuals will work past the average retirement age of […]


What is ATOL Protection?

You may have come across the term “ATOL Protection” when booking a holiday, without much explanation of what it is. Whether you’ve seen the logo on a travel agent’s website or heard the term somewhere else, it’s useful to know what it’s about. Here are some answers to common questions about ATOL protection. What does ATOL stand for? ATOL stands for Air Traveller Organisers License. What does ATOL protected mean? […]


How to deal with Mosquitoes on your Backpacking Trip

So you’ve hiked for 8 hours into the wilderness, found an awesome campsite next to a lake that wasn’t on the map, set up your tent, and made a campfire. You’re sipping on your well deserved cup of tea and suddenly there it is… the telltale high pitched buzz of a mosquito’s wings right next to your ear. You flail impotently at the descending swarm, squealing like a little girl, […]


Finding the correct travel insurance

If you’re visiting a foreign country, you should always be prepared. As well as packing all the right clothes, electrical items, paperwork, medicine and, of course, your plane tickets, you’ll probably need some travel insurance from a firm such as to ensure you’re covered if anything bad were to happen during your trip. If you’ve given thought to taking out travel cover, you might wonder what to do in […]


The Top 3 Best Places to Play Bingo

If you are spending your vacation time traveling and you would want to experience something invigorating and fun, you certainly must try playing bingo. You may ask, “What is cool and fun about bingo?” Well, playing bingo online seems to take some boredom away but playing bingo in the traditional halls along with many other bingo enthusiasts will surely bring a surge of thrill and excitement in you. You may […]


Winter extreme sports safety

Adrenaline junkies are everywhere these days, and this has gone hand in hand with the increase in popularity with extreme sports. Anything from white water rafting to off-piste snowboarding are big holiday activities these days. With people trying things at higher speeds, daring heights and with bodily harm risks it is an exciting time to take winter sport holidays. Check out these offerings that can be found in the Alps. […]


Last Minute Half Term Short Haul Escapes

Getting a little bit of sun in the British autumn season doesn’t have to mean travelling to faraway shores. Last minute deals on cheap holidays to Tenerife and Lanzarote family holidays are the perfect opportunity for a hot half term trip. With the UK’s autumn half term holidays falling a little later than usual this year, the chances of catching some end of season rays in many Mediterranean destinations are […]


An injury doesn’t have to ruin your holiday

Travelling abroad should be a fun, enlightening and overall pleasant experience. Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer from an accident whilst away, try not to let it ruin your holiday. Even if your insurance policy doesn’t cover you, there are ways to claim compensation once you get back home, so any pricey medical bills you have to fork out for will be repaid. With a no win no fee […]


Moving Abroad - The Professionals Who Can Help

Once you have made the decision to move abroad, it can certainly become a very exciting and intimidating experience. While relocating to a new country will most definitely open up the doors to new cultures, languages and experiences, there can be a long list of steps that must be taken first to ensure the process moves as smoothly as possible. Thankfully, there are plenty of professionals out there who can […]