Kids and Boats - What You Should Know About Family Yachting

Life places numerous stresses on all of us, including our children, though often it’s them driving the rush in our cortisol levels. Nothing says relaxation in quite the same tone as the gentle, rhythmical swing of a yacht sailing across calm Mediterranean waters. Taking the family on a yacht trip is a great way to embrace three important elements of a dream vacation: adventure, bonding and, most importantly, relaxation. After […]


An Adventure on the seas in 2014

Cruises have steadily grown in popularity with more people than ever before choosing this style of holiday. The time that you spend away from home is precious, which is why you need to choose your holiday wisely. As more information regarding cruises becomes available, you will soon realise why cruising is a popular choice. There is a huge array of benefits when you decide to cruise, including the excellent facilities, […]


Sailing Holidays in Menorca

Three hundred days of sunshine is a good beginning for reasons to sail in Menorca. A temperate climate and light breezes that are perfect for sailing in a sheltered harbour should also be on the list. There are sailing schools and charters galore, complete with instruction for beginners on up. Think about anchoring the boat in a deserted cove and having a leisurely lunch and a swim, away from the […]