The Austrian Winter 2013 Slope Report (So Far)

If you’re thinking about planning a holiday to a ski resort in Austria this winter, you might run into an unusual problem – too much snow. Early January has seen record snowfalls of up to 18ft across Austria, Germany, and France, resulting in lift closures and a large increase in avalanche risks. The snow has also blocked roads and railways across Europe, leaving at least 1,000 tourists in Austria stranded. […]


This years World Ski Calendar


Snowboarding in North Carolina

North Carolina is famous for their large number of beautiful mountains perfect for skiing and snowboarding. The Appalachian Mountains are one of the top choices for snowboarding in North Carolina. The Appalachian Terrain Park, ATP, has been busy developing a new slope for beginners. There are also intermediate and advanced terrains. The mountain has lots of adventures for the snow lover. Appalachian presently is the only resort to offer night […]