I’ve always been the type of person that loves to take pictures, especially when going on trips. I was recently gearing up for a trip to a new state and thought that purchasing a DSLR would be the best choice. While these cameras can take some amazing pictures, they are HUGE! I couldn’t imagine taking all the pieces with me, not to mention getting them through airport security. So, I did some research and eventually ended up with a Compact system camera. With the new NEX range from Sony, you get the benefits of a compact camera and a DLSR combined, epecially in the Sony NEX-3N or the Sony NEX-5T with it’s huge sensor. I’m so thankful that I made this choice, because it’s one that I’ll enjoy for many years to come, whether I’m traveling or not.

The first benefit of a compact system camera is that it is small and lightweight. I can take it with me traveling without having to worry about lugging around something big and heavy. The next thing that is great about it is that it’s just as good as a DSLR, if not better, in my opinion. It produces quality images that make me look like a professional photographer, which anyone can appreciate. It’s also excellent in low light situations so I don’t have to worry about all shots that I take not turning out.

This camera is now attached to me at all times because it’s so easy to carry around. I take it with me traveling to various places, but I also use it when going to special occasions (weddings, birthday parties, graduations). All my pictures turn out looking great so I can keep memories for a long time to come, which is important to me. Traveling without a compact camera is something I’ll never do again, and Sony’s NEX-3N is small enough that I don’t have to worry about where to fit it! It saves me from having to use the camera on my phone (which produces sub-par images) and is so easy to carry around that I can take it virtually anywhere. It’s one of the purchases that I use the most, making it well worth the money.

Sony's NEX new camera range


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