Stag parties are the dream of every man because of the symbolism they have. Your stag party is the single day in your life where you shed your bachelorhood life for a married life, before you exchange your vows on your wedding day. Thus, the day is critical for making lasting memories and should be used to maximum effect.

For most people, best friends organise stag parties. Normally, these parties happen in locations where a little ‘bachelorhood’ indulgence is allowed, or at least, in the midst of it. However, for most, finding the hang of stag party elements and activities can be stressful. If you want an exhilarating stag party, here are some tips for you.

Find the right crowd

The secret to enjoying a good stag party is finding the right crowd to enjoy the party. Let’s face it, hanging out with some folk is good, however, many of them will kill the party even before it starts. The secret is ensuring that the people you have at the party are interesting enough to ensure that you get the most of it before you get married. If you can, have one of the ‘bad guys’ in your crew organise the event.

Plan for the stag

The key to having a successful stag party is planning effectively for it. If you go out for the stag without a proper plan of what you want to get from it, you are more likely to be disappointed. Doing this a week before it happens as far as costs and budgets is the best way forward with the party arrangements. Last minute plans may be attractive for the actual event although its best practice to have it figured out beforehand.

Choose venue carefully

The bachelor or stag party is one of the best days of your bachelor life. You have one final chance to enjoy it before your married life begins.  This should not happen in your local bar, although if its amazing, you can still have it there. Websites like have a large database of stag party spots in different locations around the world. However, if you want Europe, you can also find many stag parties in Europe to make your big day, grand.

Prepare yourself psychologically

Stag parties sometimes get out of hand. In fact, most stag parties get out of hand. Your friends may have weird suggestions or provocations. Some even go to the extent of getting you a stripper or tying you up against a lamppost! Being able to know and anticipate the possibility is one way to make it as exhilarating as possible. However, just because outrageous suggestions may fly, it doesn’t mean you need to be uptight. This is your stag party and everything that happens will stay there. In all essence, be careful with the choices you make on this day, you don’t want to be turning up at your wedding on crutches!

Overall, the secret to having an awesome stag or bachelor party is getting out of your zone, feeling free to lose some control and preparing yourself for lots of fun!