Holidays and vacations are perfect rejuvenators. Acting like tranquilizers, they soothe not only the mind but also the body and the soul. If you are in search of one such tranquilizing trip that you’ll never forget about then roam nowhere because very near to you, situated in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea is the island of Majorca, which has the best any traveller could ask for.

Woven with small towns and cities like Palma, Cala d’ Or, Deia, Pollensa, Fornalutx and Alucida, the island gives out fragrances of traditional culture, tradition, food, economy and leisure. Along with preserving the age old culture and heritage, it has also adapted the modern, funky and throbbing culture in some parts of the island that are a Heaven for the young and pulsating. But for those of you who wish to walk down the traditional lane and enjoy the Majorcan culture at its best, you have less of time and more to live and experience.

When you want to have the best of everything from beaches to bars and from history to nature parks, then your destination in Majorca should be Pollensa. Painted with vivid wishy-washy colours of the town life, the small time Pollensa is just the place to enjoy the serenity and calmness of Majorca. With attractions for every age group, this little town paints the town red every Sundays when the weekly markets are held.  One more rural delight are the Country Houses in Majorca that offer nice and cosy accommodation option within your budgets and an innovative way to experience the culture and life-style of Majorca.

Each direction of Pollensa has something great in store; head towards its west for some great beach bars and restaurants for the local delicacies. If you enjoy swimming and diving in the crystal clear waters then East Pollensa should be on your mind. For the adventurous ones, who like snorkelling and exploring virgin beaches, head towards the North; and for those who just want to laze on the quiet beaches then South Pollensa is the destination for you.

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