When you think of Florida, what springs to mind? Ah yes Epcot, Disneyland and Universal Studios. Now I am not saying they are not fantastic reasons to visit Florida, but there is so much family orientated fun in the State, that maybe looking past the obvious choices will offer even more rewarding times!

If you’re in Orlando, what about a day trip to the John F Kennedy space centre? The centre for all manned US space flights from 1968 is a must see. With plenty of activities and a bus tour out to the actual launch pad, this is a unique experience you won’t get anywhere else in the world! Definitely a must for any budding astronauts.

If you don’t mind (or consider it a bonus) driving a few miles out of the traditional tourist areas, there is a trampoline arena! Just saying trampoline arena sounds like fun doesn’t it? They even have ‘AirSports’ (apparently that’s a word now!) – Volleyball, Basketball and Dodgeball, all on trampolines! Now ideally, you’ll sit back and watch the kids tire themselves out so you can get them to bed nice and early in reality, you’ll all be having a go! Such good fun and great to get some exercise as a family. If you’re getting peckish there is a food area on site.

I suppose the other traditional images of Florida, are the ‘gators’ and the swamps. Well, about 45 minutes outside of Orlando you will find Black Hammock Adventures; a real gem of a company offering airboat rides around the swamps. All their equipment is US Coastguard approved and if you dare, you can have your photo taken with a baby alligator! What a great souvenir!

Of course there is no need to stay in Orlando. Especially if the kids are more like young adults, then Miami could be the place for you! The Zoological Wildlife Foundation is a small zoo at only 5 acres, but has so much more interaction with the animals than your ‘normal’ zoo. Its well worth a trip but you will need to pre-book.

Of course for sports fans there is the American Airlines Arena (Basketball) and Marlins Park (Baseball). Both are covered (Marlins Park is a sliding roof) so the temperature and/or rain won’t stop play!

One last visit, which is the sort of thing that I think only works in Miami. It’s called Wynwood, and it is a collection of ‘street art’. It’s a fantastic project which has regenerated what was once a run-down area and even the most stubborn calls of ‘it’s just graffiti’ will be amazed at the quality of the work. The teens might moan it’s still just pictures, but once they’re back home they will be quick to show their friends pictures of this day trip!

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