Africa; mysterious, dangerous and unknown.

There are many reasons why people are drawn to Africa for a thrill and an adventure. Although there are more western areas that most people who headed there would be able to find familiar and relate to, there is still much of Africa that is exciting and new.

Why adventure in Africa in particular?

When you look at what there is on offer it’s hard not to think of Africa! From someone looking for a safari in the more remote areas to a desire to climb Kiamanjaro with or even immersing yourself in a new culture. The options are endless.

What types of people choose Africa and why?

Traditionally, volunteers and missionaries have gone to the poorest parts of Africa to give aid and education, and though that still happens, there are more and more people choosing to go there for a big life experience.

Students on gap years seem recently to be spending time in Africa giving of their time and sometimes resources to help in areas where more aid is needed. People from working class to wealthy are visiting schools and villages they sponsor. What an amazing opportunity to get a whole new life perspective and really change lives.

Though changing lives can be a huge draw, and still is, it is now the lesser known parts of Africa that are getting the most attention.

To list just a few there are options of animal viewing, canoeing and kayaking, hiking, national parks, safaris, helicopter tours and tropical beach holidays.

It is in more of the recent years that Africa has begun to really advertise its tourist side, advertising remote locations to holiday makers and those wanting a bit more from their time away.

Africa has discovered that it has much to offer, many undiscovered areas, hidden beauty and amazing opportunities that many people just would never have the option of seeing in their life time.

So why Africa?

Because of the unique culture and areas to suit nearly any holiday maker. But mostly people choose Africa for adventure because it offers something special and completely unique.