If you’ve decided to travel to the Galapagos Islands – then it’s time to get excited, because there are a lot of interesting things to see and do during your stay here. However, the first thing to realize is that visiting these islands isn’t for you if you’re looking for the typical tropical beach holiday. Because the Galapagos Islands has so much more to offer.

If astonishing, unique, and incredible wildlife enthralls you – then this is a great destination for you. These islands are full of natural history. After all, this is where Charles Darwin himself made great gains in his scientific research on evolution.

One of the best things you can do in your stay here is to join one of the popular nature tours. This will allow you to get up close to the incredible wildlife, and learn more about the history and beauty that the Galapagos Islands offers to its visitors.

It’s also a common destination for luxury cruises, boats, and yachts. Nothing is more peaceful and relaxing than spending time in the natural beauty of this tranquil retreat. It is also very educational for the entire family – children will love to experience such diverse wildlife, which they would never encounter at home.

If you are a little more adventurous, then something you must try is the scuba diving experience. This is very popular on the northern islands in particular. You will see a range of wildlife, from fiery crabs, the graceful and majestic albatross, intelligent seals, and more. Don’t be surprised if you come across some unusual and rare birds that you may never have heard of before, too.

The Galapagos Islands only has a population of around 40,000 people – which means the destination is never particularly crowded, and doesn’t have the typical tourist feel. Even when cruises arrive, the groups are usually between 50 to 100 people. This means the islands have a certain enchanting feel to them, which can’t be fully understood until you have experienced it for yourself.

Along with the unique animals and birds, there is plenty for the horticulturist to see. There is a diverse and unique range of plant life to see, much of which you would never see in your home country.

Another animal you must see on your visit is the sea lion. These animals are actually very tame, and it’s possible to get very close to them. However, they are also very cautious and wary of strangers some times – but if you are patient, you can get very close. This will surely be one of the most memorable experiences you’ll have of your trip to the Galapagos Islands. You can also get very close to the iguanas, especially on the Darwin Island.

It’s possible to travel between many of the Galapagos Islands by joining a boat or yacht party. This can be a fun experience by itself – but each of the different islands has something to see. All of these islands are volcanic, so there are some breathtaking rock formations to see, many of which can seem almost surreal.