There are many reasons why Madrid should be top of your list of places you should visit if planning a trip to Spain or Europe in general. The main reason why so many people flock there every year is because of the sheer variety in terms of activities and sights. There really is something for everyone there and for that reason I would love to win the competition spoken about in the video posted further down the page.

Drink in the Classic Works of Art Displayed In Madrid
If you are an arts enthusiast or just like looking at the fruits of someone’s creative labours, then you will fall head over heels in love with the Paseo del Arte, otherwise known as the Art Walk. One stopping point on this route that takes you through the city’s art museums is the Prado Museum. I particularly love the sound of this museum as it has treasured works of art from the Flemish, Italian and Spanish schools including the world famous Third of May, 1808 by the masterful Francisco Goya.


Get Lost In the Beautiful Botanic Gardens
As well as the art, it is worth entering the competition to win a trip to Madrid to experience the sublime Botanical Gardens, for art of a different kind. There are over one million different pieces in the herbarium there and the walk through the many exquisitely designed greenhouses and gardens feature a cohesive blend of history, curiosities and surprises, the inevitable botanic content and historical facts about certain plants and interesting information about the importance of particular plants and their uses.


Experience Authentic Flamenco in Its Home
Obviously, along with art, culture and historically significant buildings and traditions; there is one thing more than anything I would love about a trip to Madrid. It’s something I am sure most people reading this feel the same about food and dance.


After all, Madrid is the world capital of flamenco and therefore no better place in the entire world to see this beautiful and visually striking dance than late at night in this wonderful city. Forget what you have seen in Hollywood movies or on television shows, because as anyone who has been there or who lives there will testify, nothing beats seeing and experiencing flamenco dancing in the flesh.


Make a point of heading to a Tablao for the real thing and enjoy some authentic Spanish churros and some chocolate sauce to dip them in. That way you will be able to get lost in the music, dance and the heavenly taste in your mouth.


If the above doesn’t make you want to enter the Madrid competition then perhaps the video will. Please check out the video, share it with friends and relatives and be sure to enter the competition to win the chance of a city break in one of the most culturally significant cities in the world Madrid.

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