Planning your next adventure in London and wondering that you can do that doesn’t involve going anywhere near a traditional tourist spot and gives you the chance to have some time to yourself. Then how about having a TLC day to look after yourself?

Here are some unique ideas to really treat yourself and feel renewed when you have a free day in town.

TLC Idea 1: Healthy Brunch

Obviously your TLC day needs to start with a lie-in and that means skipping breakfast. Now because the day is all about looking after yourself and not falling in a food coma. that means you need to avoid an institute like The Breakfast Club and instead get something a little more healthy. That’s where Andina in Shoreditch comes in. They serve Peruvian style breakfast and brunch which leans heavily on grains and eggs; all things that supercharge your body for the day.

I’d recommend getting the Camote pancakes, which are made with sweet potato, topped with coconut whipped cream and taste like no other breakfast you’ve had before.


TLC Idea 2: A Good Walk

How do you get fresh air in London? Head for the Green Walk. Anytime I tell someone there’s a 50 mile green walk in London they look at me like I don’t know how to measure distance. But sure enough if you hop over to the south east you’ll find that an area stretching from Belvedere all the way to Grove Park is nothing but parkland and woods.

The Green Walk was originally developed so that no one would be able to commercially buy the land and turn it in to anything. There are 11 routes that make up the whole walk, but just to burn off brunch I’d say take the Oxleas Woods to Mottingham stretch (It’s just around 5km).

TLC Idea 3: Fix Your Back

While you’re out and about getting a good stretch on, you might realise it’s the most you’ve spent of a morning in a long time not sitting down at a desk. And now that your muscles are all limber it’s the perfect time to get some advice on your posture and get what I like to call an MOT check up on your back. There are plenty of deals on Chiropractors about town and going to see one for half an hour will be much more productive than you can imagine, especially if you find out you’ve been sitting wrong in work and slouching at your desk.

You might even get a few cracks and kinks sorted out.

TLC Idea 4: A Healthy Tipple

After your tune up and new ability to stand up straight, you deserve a lunchtime tipple and without letting all that good work from your walk go to waste, you’ll want a cocktail that tastes quite lovely but is also not just a bunch of sugar and alcohol shaken in a glass.

There is a growing trend of bars now serving “healthy” cocktails and one spot in particular does one quite well. Discount Suit Company (not an actual tailor) is just a few streets south of Spitalfields and does a now well-known cocktail called the Carrier Pigeon. This cocktail is a mixture of rum and prosecco that is very bubbly on the tongue, vegan friendly and tastes miles better than Sex on the Beach from your local.


TLC Idea 5: Take a Nap

Has this incredible day darting around town got you a little tired? Then break up the day with a little shut eye down at The Nap Station. This pop up shop/hotel/bedroom run by Eve Mattress company was originally on Brick Lane during the summer, but is taking up shop in Oxford street and offering people the chance to simply go and take a power nap.