It’s the favourite topic of conversation with us British: yes, we love talking about the weather! It’s never warm enough, and then when we do get a hot summer day, it’s too hot! Then there’s winter, which is eternally gloomy, and – of course – the favourite of all: the rain! It always rains in the UK, doesn’t it? Sometimes it seems to be the case, and for commuters, standing in the rain waiting for a bus – having forgotten to bring your umbrella – means arriving at work wet and miserable, and not ready for a long day at the desk.

Weather forecasts come thick and fast in this country: turn on the breakfast news, and you get both national and local forecasts, every half hour. Open your newspaper, and there’s a forecast for the next few days. You can even find them online, and generally there are differences between every one! There’s good reason for this: the weather is determined by nature, and is therefore unpredictable. What looked like it was going to happen yesterday may have changed overnight, so you need a way of making sure you have accurate short-term forecasts, at least. What about investing in your own weather station? Let’s have a look at what they are all about!

Digital Weather Stations

Knowing what the weather is going to do later today, for example, is important for gardeners and others who may have to work outside, so having a reliable weather station to hand is a bonus. We are talking here about small, portable digital items that have a readout, and that monitor pressure, wind speed, temperature and humidity, and sometimes more, so they can accurately predict changes in the weather in the near future. They are inexpensive and useful items, and you can use them indoors and outdoors, too.

We found a great review of digital weather stations at an excellent website called They offer comprehensive reviews of a wide variety of different items, and their weather station review covers ten different models of varying types and a range of prices. Such is the choice on offer, there is certain to be one for you, so we recommend you have a closer look and see just what a weather station can do for you.

Buying a Weather Station

If you are interested in buying a digital weather station, and they really are very useful items for those who are spending time outside or, perhaps, are travelling a lot, you need to consider the type you want. Some come with external sensors, and you need one that senses humidity, air pressure and temperature essentially. Wind speed is also possible with some, but they tend not to be portable. However, if you are looking for a permanent weather station for your home, one of the more complex models may be for you, as they do offer more information.

Check out the website now for more information in the great choice of weather stations, and you need never get caught short again!