It’s no secret that France is one of the best places to go skiing in the world, aside from the skiing, they love dishing up Vin Chaud (hot tasty wine), pain au chocolat (delicious chocolate croissant) and enough cheese to eat till the cows come home. More importantly, the skiing here is fantastic and you’ll be hard pressed to complete every run in a 9am-4pm, 6 day stint.

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Here is a list of my favourite runs in the famous Espace Killy:

Grand Motte

There are a number of enjoyable runs at this high point of the mountain and if you have had some good snow fall before you came, you’ll be revelling in the quality of these runs. Leisse is one of the best black runs in the whole area, especially the Tignes side. It is also great for doing some off-piste as you don’t have to venture far either side of the run to take on some quite challenging moguls. I found that early in the morning this area was relatively empty which is great for those who don’t like the crowded slopes. Once you descend down this side of the mountain you have the option to take Tichot and Grattalu which will lead into Le Mur—a mogul filled and fairly challenging red.

Le Fornet

Fornet is definitely one of the more intense black runs you will go down, in addition to Campanules. They are both mogul heavy and very steep so you may find you’re ready for a good ten minute rest after completing one of these. They are not for the faint-hearted so if you don’t consider yourself to be the best skier in the world you may want to pluck up some courage by trying out Leisse, although its short and often filled with moguls, it will be a good pre-cursor to the intensity of the aforementioned blacks. Word of warning, your knees and thighs will be hurting after the majority of black runs in this ski area so its recommended you take them earlier on in the day.


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