If you are spending your vacation time traveling and you would want to experience something invigorating and fun, you certainly must try playing bingo. You may ask, “What is cool and fun about bingo?” Well, playing bingo online seems to take some boredom away but playing bingo in the traditional halls along with many other bingo enthusiasts will surely bring a surge of thrill and excitement in you.
You may want to consider visiting three of the best places to play bingo on your next vacation destination list.

These are the 3 best places to go if you’re looking to travel abroad, and you may want to consider visiting three of the best places to play bingo on your next vacation destination list. But if that’s not an option for you yet and you want to get some practice in before you go, why not play online with Ladbrokes Bingo.

Red Rock Bingo Hall (Red Rock Casino, Las Vegas)

The Red Rock Bingo Hall in Red Rock Casino, Las Vegas should be your top choice to play bingo. The Red Rock Bingo hall is a enormous bingo room with about 610 seating capacity. The room has been considered one of the best as it is divided into two sections – smoking and non-smoking areas. This is one common problem which was solved in Red Rock Bingo. Many people are discouraged to play if smokers are allowed to join in with the non-smokers and at the same time, some smokers are also discouraged to play if there is a need for them to take their cigars outside before playing.
Since Red Rock Bingo Hall is often the place where many monumental bingo tournaments in Las Vegas is held, it has been equipped with large plasma televisions so that players will have the best bingo experience while playing.

Aside from that you can also enjoy Red Rock Casino’s other amenities. You can go on food tripping as Red Rock Casino is famous for their sumptuous foods which are not only delicious but also beautifully made. Every piece is just a work of art. You can also enjoy viewing many works of art in their art collections which are made by Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana, Vik Muniz, Takashi Murakami, and Paul McCarthy. And since it also a resort, you can enjoy the day and night swimming just before you play your favorite bingo game. If you need to rest, you may also enjoy their luxuriously prepared lodgings and their relaxing spa to soothe your tired bodies.

National Stadium Bingo, Ireland

Next stop is Ireland’s own bingo paradise – National Stadium Bingo in Dublin. It is one of the best bingo sites in Ireland since it is already one of the longest running bingo in the country, more than 70 years now.
The National Stadium Bingo can seat up to 2,000 bingo players, a space more than enough to bring your family and friends even when you have not booked a seat. The National Stadium Bingo is staffed by skilled and long-time employees who will surely know you and cater for your needs quickly and excellently.
The National Stadium Bingo guarantees €9,255 in total cash payout every night and even more on the first Tuesdays of every month. Their bingo card books are sold at €14 on standard or regular nights.
Aside from that they also have side games like the spin game, roadrunner game, balloon game and treble up. There are so many things to do and enjoy in the National Stadium Bingo, so be sure to check it out if you are in Ireland.

Foxwoods Casino Resort, Connecticut

And finally, Mashantucket in Connecticut, which homes one of the astounding resort and casino – Foxwoods Casino Resort. The Foxwoods Casino Resort can accommodate up to about 3,600 players all at the same time. Foxwoods Casino Resort also takes pride in being one of the bingo places with the highest stakes and largest bingo hall. They have two regular games per day, every day.
Aside from bingo, you can also enjoy playing poker or enjoy their fine dining food, play a game or two of golf and bowling, have fun shopping on their top class shops, or just sit back and relax on their world class spa. There are many things you can do aside from bingo so take time and check out Foxwoods Casino Resort when you get the chance.