Let’s face it! Travel isn’t just about fun and excitement. Before you reach to your most desired travel destination, you have to face several hurdles along the way. But when you’re finally relaxed and sipping on your coconuts under an oversized umbrella in one of the finest white sand beaches in the world, you would realize that everything is worth it!

What’s the very reason that keeps you from travelling? Is it the expenses? Jet lag? Or is it the delicacies your taste buds aren’t used to? There maybe tons of answers you could get from many people. But the bottom line is you should find ways on how to deal with these superficial reasons and enjoy the beauty Mother Nature has to offer while it last!

Motion Sickness

According to our trusty online encyclopedia, motion sickness is defined as a condition where a disagreement exists between the vestibular system’s sense of movement and the visually perceived movement or extreme nausea and vomiting while traveling in layman’s term. Motion sickness can be sea sickness, car sickness, or air sickness.

Solution: Motion sickness starts when our visual perception doesn’t go along with the balance system of our body. Therefore, the most effective way to prevent it is to stay asleep during the whole trip until you reach your destination. Over the counter antihistamine medications can provide you endless drowsiness that will keep you snoozing in the entire trip. Or you could also consult your physician about anti motion sickness medications. But if you don’t want to settle on medications, then try these things:

Have a sufficient sleep the night before traveling.

Avoid having big greasy meals, salty foods, and dairies. Eat small portions.

Sit in front of the car, in front or over the wing of an aircraft, and in the upper deck of the cabin towards the front of the ship.

Always keep your eyes on horizon. When you want to shift your view, move your entire body gently not just your neck. And for God’s sake set aside your e-book for a while.

Rest your head against the seat back, focus the air vents on your face, and quit smoking for a while.

Food Sickness

Another worst thing that can happen to you on a travel vacation is when the entire group is busy exploring the beautiful scenic spots while you’re busy controlling your bowel movements because the available comfort room is 1 hour away.

Solution: If you noticed that your stomach is sensitive, then it’s a great excuse for you to pass the extreme challenge of tasting other culture’s delicacies.

Don’t just drink on random water. If possible, bring your own water from your own country. Or you could just buy bottled water on the stores near your hotel.

Although the smells of street foods are really tempting, you must resist temptation by bringing ready to eat snacks with you.

Search on the best fine dining restaurants that won’t risk their reputable name just because of careless food preparation that eventually leads to food poisoning.

Money Sickness

After going to a 7 day holiday vacation, many people have gone broke which doesn’t necessarily need to happen if careful planning and budgeting were applied.


Plan ahead, plan as early as one year ahead where all the good deals are. There are many travel agencies that offer huge savings on their packages when it’s not peak season.

Set an itinerary and write it down on your handy dandy notebook. Include everything such as the expected expenses. List down the cheapest restaurants, neatest place to shop for souvenirs, and other whatnots. And as much as possible stick to it!

Bringing all your entire life savings onto your purse is not necessary since we have this thing called credit/debit cards. Not only that you are at risk of spending it all, but you’re also an eye candy for robbers. Check out the best credit card for international travel.

Final Words:

Indeed vacations are investments – physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Yeah you may spend over thousands of dollars or threw up a couple of times but you can never put a price on the good memories you had with your love ones. Last reminder, never forget to bring a camera with you to make those memories last forever!

Author Bio:

Patrick Del Rosario is a travel blogger, photographer, and sports enthusiast from the Philippines. He is now based in USA and has ventured in the rv rental business and is operating Jurnii RV Rentals.