For many people, hotels come a dime a dozen, they don’t spend much time thinking about the difference between them. This is probably because they have stayed at any average hotel, of which there are many. In fact, there are quite a few less really high quality great hotels out there.

Now being a great hotel doesn’t simply mean that it is luxury, or rated 4 stars by the local tourism board, having a great hotel goes much beyond that.

By far, the biggest cited reasoning behind a hotel being considered to be great is due to its customer service. Even a one or two star hotel can be a wonderful place to stay on holiday if they have a friendly and caring staff. It can make all of the difference, really.

Having a staff that excels at customer service and is dedicated to going a little bit above and beyond in terms of caring for the hotel guest is certainly the first step towards becoming a top notch place to stay.

Another often cited reason is the design and cleanliness of a hotel. Upon arrival, guests expect to be staying in a room or a suite that is comfortable and clean, as well as designed with the customer in mind.

Many great hotels will also provide a welcoming snack in the lobby or a complimentary cocktail hour during the evening, giving guests a chance to mingle and take in some of the spectacular views and services the hotel offers.

Little touches such as luggage racks, a complementary bottle of wine, or luxurious fluffy bathrobes for use are all signs that the hotel certainly does care about the impression it is giving off.

In the mind of the guest all these things add up to leave them with a very positive impression, ensuring that they will return as guest again in the future.

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