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If the answer to that is “Yes I’d love to share my adventure holiday experiences and write an article”, then keep reading for some basic guidelines.

Our blog was set up to cover a very wide range of travel topics, but we’d love to publish articles from guest bloggers who have an interest in talking about adventure holidays they’ve been on, from skiing & snowboarding, to hiking and sailing.

Guest Article Topics Ideas

I’m sure there are plenty of things out there that we’d love to read about that people have experienced, but here are a few ideas of the type of article we’re after!

  • Top 10 Places to go Skiing & Snowboarding
  • Top 10 Hikes
  • Sailing trips from around the world
  • Best Active Holiday adventures
  • Ski only resorts
  • Best diving locations
Guest Post Guidelines

Below is some basic info we’d like you to pay attention to before you contact us about your adventure holiday or submit a guest post or travel article.


  • All content must be complete original
  • Content cannot be posted elsewhere!
  • Article headline should reflect contents of post
  • Guest Posts to be between 300 – 700 words long
  • Interesting, easy to understand writing style is preferred, even better if it is real like adventure travel experiences!
  • Pictures are great, and videos are a big bonus with this type of holiday!
  • We allow two relevant backlinks within your article
  • Content should always ideally be adventure holiday related, no

If your travel guest post follows our guidelines above we won’t reject it!

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